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4 Reasons to Invest in Our Professional Landscaping Service for Comfort

It’s tough to keep your yard looking as fresh as you’d like. Between pests, weather, and other factors, you’ll have to ensure that your yard looks as healthy as possible. You’ve applied fertilizers on your yard for years, but are you aware of the reasons this process is important? Here are the 4 primary reasons you need the professional landscaping service offered by Cisneros Landscaping for their clients in Redwood City, CA.

Make sure the plants are healthy.

To keep your yard lush and thriving, it needs to have a healthy meal. Don’t forget the trees and shrubs too! Due to the fact that most residential yards have a thin layer of topsoil in which to grow, the vegetation depletes the nutrients in the soil and fails to flourish your garden. A good feeding in spring and pre-winter booster application in fall has the power to satisfy your yard’s appetite on an annual basis.

Make the necessary preparations.

Having the first bulb flowers bloom in spring will appease your winter-weary soul and those of your neighbor. Yet, the spring plan happens in fall with carefully chosen, grown, and nourished flowers. If you already have nice beds of iris, daffodils, tulips, and crocus, then you have to fertilize these plants to continue producing healthy, lovely blooms. If you need to make some changes, call our professional landscaping service providers.

Professional landscaping service

Boost curb appeal – boosts value.

Even if your yard is less elaborately organized than the others, you still have to maintain it in order to boost your home’s curb appeal. If you’re selling the house, potential buyers will prefer a home with a well-kept environment. Weedy, unkempt surroundings could affect the value of both your community and property.

Address serious pest infestations.

Even if you’re able to mow and water your garden, insects love to eat your grass. It’s the breeding ground for most pests. Ticks and mosquitoes grow if not controlled with pest control! Your yard needs to have proper applications of insecticides at the first warning signs of their existence. Our contractors can easily identify specific bugs that destroy your yard and provide the right solutions at the proper time.

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