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Installing Creative Hardscapes in Your Lawn

Different Types of Hardscapes Installed by a Hardscape Contractor


A great landscape showcases a balanced combination of softscapes and hardscapes. That’s why you should be keen in choosing the type of hardscapes you’ll be installing in your lawn to complete your landscape. To give you some relevant ideas about hardscapes, the following are some examples of hardscapes you may direct your hardscaping contractor to install for you:


If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of the landscape of your lawn, you should engage the services of a hardscape contractor to construct patios. The same is not just installed for aesthetic purposes but also to make the landscape of your lawn functional. It creates a space for you to put tables and chairs. The same can create avenues for you to relax and simply bond with your family while enjoying the scenery in your lawn. That’s why you should not hesitate to ask your hardscape contractor to include the construction of the said patios in your overall plan.


Second, you may also want to install fences. You can engage a hardscape and landscaping contractor to help you construct a fence that matches the dynamics of your lawn. Contrary to popular opinion, fences are not really plain and boring. There are so many ways for you to make them look creative and artistic.

Gravel Paths

A landscaper would usually recommend homeowners to install gravel paths in their landscape. This type of hardscape can make your landscape look elegant and high-end. The paths somehow create a link between the hardscapes and softscapes in your lawn.

Landscape Stairs

Lastly, you may also consider installing landscape stairs. This type of hardscape emphasizes the topography of your landscape. Also, you can incorporate several landscape designs to such stairs.

The aforementioned are examples of hardscapes that can help make the landscape of your lawn creative and unique. If you’re looking for a reliable hardscape contractor, you can turn to the services of Cisneros Landscaping. We are based in Redwood City, CA. Give us a call through (650) 437-0119.

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