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Before Hiring a Landscaper, Learn About the Different Services Offered

Different Kinds of Professional Landscaping Service for Your Needs


If you’re hiring a professional landscaping service provider to help with your lawn care and maintenance needs, it’s wise you understand the different types of service. One of the most common services includes:

General bed maintenance.

This service entails the removal of monitoring and removal of browning branches and leaves, removal of spent blooms, debris removal, controlling/trimming, ground-cover, and weeding. This is an important service because it entails lawn maintenance that helps improve curb appeal throughout the year.

Hedging and pruning.

Hedging and pruning are important for the plant’s health and development. By working with landscape maintenance specialist, you have plants trimmed and pruned at the right time for their species. Additionally, it’s done to promote growth, remove diseased and dead branches, remove spent blooms, and maintain size or shape. Normally, hedging is shaping plants into geometric forms. Both are good for your lawn.

Plant health care.

Your plants feed on the nutrients from the soil. Other plants can be “heavy feeders,” meaning they absorb a huge amount of nutrients. Adding a feed/protect program to your lawn care plan provides you with feedings specific to your soil and plants. You’ll also receive pest and disease prevention for the common issues in order to prevent them from happening – this includes aphids, bagworms, mildew, and more.

Protect & feed.

Lawn chemical programs both protect your garden against a lot of diseases and pests like fungal issues, brown-patch, or grubs and feed the landscape. Most programs are used in the ideal year for your lawn. Irrigation and weather patterns affect your lawn, so those aspects should be considered in this program. Additional applications are needed during the rainy seasons in order to control moisture related issues.

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